Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The West Coast and home

That's the Scottish west coast around Largs where our daughter Sharon and her family live...

We took a walk with the dogs towards The Largs Pencil which stands on a headland jutting into the Firth of Clyde nearly 2 miles from the town centre. (picture attributed to Dave souza)

It was close by the Pencil that we watched this huge Korea Line tanker coming in from the sea ...

... and coming to moor up to load/unload its cargo at Hunterston Power Station Quay

No, they're not seals ...

... they're Sharon's labradors - Aero (chocolate lab) and Diesel (the black one)

Grandaughter Alice (left) and her friend Kharis at the window of a 'castle' ruin on Largs waterfront
Portencross Castle is a short drive south from Largs ...
 ... at West Kilbride - the castle was originally built around the 1360's

... and it is said that the area has been inhabited for thousands of years as there have been archeological finds from the Iron Age which lasted from 800 BC to 100 BC.

Sadly the castle was not open when we visited but I understand that it is very interesting inside

 The castle harbour

Views from the castle are truly magnificent 

... pretty shoreside cottages, and lovely daughter Sharon with Joanne and Alice just disappearing from view


The west coast ...

... is certainly rugged!

 ... and the sunsets are spectacular too!

We met our eldest grandson Adam's girlfriend Robyn at last - a lovely girl.

We arrived back at Rock 'n' Roll at Marina Fenny Compton Marina yesterday evening after a long journey and will leave here later today.


  1. Lovely pictures, glad you enjoyed your time away!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit. It looks a beautiful place to live. xxxx

  3. Thanks guys - yes it really is a lovely place to visit or to live.