Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We've got it!

Now I've just got to persuade George that even though it does make an extra seat, I would prefer it in the bathroom!


  1. Looks a tad technical to me! Good luck to George - a day of entertainment to come, pre-Xmas fun!

  2. No... definitely not the right place to install it!!
    Love you. xxx

  3. And there was me thinking I wouldn't have to sit on the beanbag anymore! Have fun.....

  4. Congratulations and welcome to a new world with a healthier, happier orientation to your body and its by-products. Day 12 and we are still loving the silence, no water, no stink, and the ease with which this fact of life is now dealt with. I am worse than a reformed alcoholic--Airheads for all boaters I say! Ken and Sue Deveson ( visited us for several hours yesterday. They were kind enough to pick us up a bag of cocoa shell husks, so we are set for a long time now.
    Jaq and Les