Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cheerio again

 Rock ’n’ Roll and Moore2Life left our Cropredy moorings this morning at 10 passing the beginnings ...

 ... of yet another new marina.

The weather is not so good, it’s very windy with strong gusts but plenty of sunshine too but rain threatens.

 Clatterbridge Wharf was quiet today

 All metal gates at Claydon Bottom Lock

... and CRT engineers at Claydon Top Lock (they’ve been walking the lock flight whilst we’ve been coming up)

 Ecstasy is being able to scratch where you can’t reach!

Since Ann and Chas were in front of us through the locks we’ve been unable to say cheerio properly to them as we pulled in to moor before Fenny Compton ‘tunnel’ whilst they continued on their journey. 
So good to see you both again and will of course see you again sometime in November on the Shroppie - take care of each other and give our regards to Sue and Vic when you catch up with them later this month.

Our ultimate destination is Fenny Compton Marina but the weather is set to be ‘not too kind’ tomorrow so we shall stay here until Thursday when we’re expected at the marina.  We’re off to visit family in Shropshire and Ayrshire for the next 2 weeks.

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