Saturday, 27 October 2012

Surprise, surprise!

 08:13 and there's ...

 ... frost on the rear seat ...

 ... as we leave our mooring above Marston Dole

 Connaught racing cars above Napton Top Lock (George was fascinated with these because he had a Connaught dinky toy when he was a lad!)

 I was surprised that George was able to open the bottom gates of lock 15 at Napton with all this water coming through the top ones!

 What a view at Adkins Lock!

We passed a number of families on hire boats ...

... working locks for the first time (it's half-term) ...

The view from lock 9 looking down at Napton Bottom Lock just after 10:30
 The windmill on Napton Hill

Approaching Napton Junction as we cruise towards Braunston

Left at the junction would take us to Warwick
... and a few minutes later surprise, surprise it's NB Valerie - there's Les; and Jaq at the window - she's just asked if we've time to stop for a cuppa!  I ask you - is the pope catholic??

We have been intrigued about Jaq's birthday present and after a catch-up of the updating to Valerie that she's talked Les into (and very professional they are too) we had a detailed tour of that present - the composting toilet!
Since we read the posting on their blog we've become rather excited about it all (being the sad people we are) and have decided that it's actually a 'no brainer' - we must have one! 
We've currently got a macerator toilet with a huge waste tank under our bed and have been having problems with malodorous emissions from the system and a composting toilet would eliminate this for good.
It will also provide us with a huge storage area once the tank has been removed, it will save us well over £350 per year on pump-outs and will save water too.  We've already been in touch with the sales guy near Hillmorton and arranged a visit for sometime next week - so watch this space!

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  1. It was lovely to finally touch bases with you both again--though all too brief. We always enjoy your company. Jaq and LesXX