Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A day on the cut

A ray of sunshine at 07:30 this morning at our mooring a little way above Claydon Locks ...

 ... but it’s still just a bit breezy!

Oakie on working boat
Nuneaton and butty Brighton ...

... probably off to Banbury for the canal open day this weekend.  We saw the Cheese Boat passing by us heading that way too.
And a wonderful sunset at 20 to 7!


  1. Enjoy your time ashore. See you soon....

  2. You caught me on camera - brilliant! We were loaded with 42 tonnes on our way to Oxford and the red boards, then on to the Thames, K&A and Wey Navigations to sell coal. I jumped ship at Oxford, as there was a change of crew and returned to Banbury to skipper a water taxi on Sunday. Now back home for a rest! I think the pair are still held up at Osney. Not much of a cruise for the new crew - Jericho to Osney!