Monday, 15 October 2012


Views from the house in which we are staying whilst visiting our daughter and family in Largs, North Ayrshire, Scotland ...

Looking across the Firth of Clyde, over Cumbrae, to the high ground of Arran ...

 ... and further to the right you may just be able to see the Isle of Bute.


  1. Hi Carol & George,

    If you are still around at the weekend you will be able to catch the last sailings of the Waverley. She's lost a lot of sailings this year because of the weather so ther is always the danger that she might not have the money to sail again next year - this might be your last chance!

    Details on the website but I've copied the timetable for you below.

    SATURDAY October 20
    Glasgow 1000
    Greenock 1145
    Helensburgh 1215
    Kilcreggan 1245
    Blairmore 1310
    Cruise Loch Long
    Blairmore 1600
    Kilcreggan 1625
    Helensburgh 1655
    Greenock 1720
    Glasgow 1850
    Evening Showboat
    Glasgow sb 1930
    Steam ‘Doon the Watter’
    Glasgow 2300
    SUNDAY October 21
    Glasgow 1000
    Greenock 1145
    Helensburgh 1215
    Dunoon 1305
    Rothesay 1400
    Tighnabruaich 1450/1520
    Rothesay 1610
    Dunoon 1700
    Helensburgh 1750
    Greenock 1820
    Glasgow 1950

    1. Thank you Graham, we'll certainly check that out!

  2. Ah buy you can't get away from those quirky chimneys can you!

    Enjoy your peaceful break you two! xx

  3. Quite right Sue - chimneys do fascinate me!