Sunday, 4 August 2013

A walk in the grounds and another blogger ...

… of Dunham Massey Hall ...
… and for a change we approached the park from the back this morning and came to the long view …
… which has this monument at it far end …
… and is in line with the ‘back door’ of the hall ...
… the fencing in the foreground is in the ‘ha ha’ which would have impeded the progress of unwanted nocturnal visitors who would fall into the ditch when approaching the house!

 The notice reads - 'The new visitor reception building will be heated using a lake source heating pump. This hole is for the ‘*thigumyjig’ that powers the heating.’ The note at the bottom reads  * not a technical term!  love a sense of humour!

 Commemorates the planting of a grove of trees in 1714
Golden wheat (?) in the sunshine as we head back to RnR
Nicky and Keith  had let us know that they were heading our way and when we got back to the canal there they were!  We’d planned a BBQ for this evening and invited them to join us - another great evening with good friends and bloggers.
 Benji and Binks, Hungarian Vizslas were very laid back - once Molly had told them not to put their faces too close to hers! ...
Three stargazers!
Great to meet up with you both again - see you further down south hopefully in 2014 - keep blogging!


  1. Thanks for a great night, but the head's throbbing a bit this morning although I can't think why . . . !

  2. Hi there. Left a comment yesterday morning, but seems to have gone AWOL. Any way, great night, thank you both. Woke up with a bit of a head, can't for the life of me thing why though ! Decided to do myself a favour and go back to bed after you'd set off and that was us until midday. Looking forward to catching up again sometime next year and returning the favour. Bye for now, Keith and Nicky

    1. Sorry Keith, I didn’t check my messages last night - as you can see it didn’t go AWOL at all! Yes it certainly was a good night!!

  3. The dogs look wonderful, if they ever want a cuddle give me a shout!! Love to you both. xxx

    1. Hi Sandra, they’re lovely soft dogs but best kept at a distance as far as Molly is concerned as they really did dwarf her! Take care! xx

  4. Jill, Matilda RoseTuesday, 06 August, 2013

    Poor Molly she is sooo long suffering. Is the name of their boat a secret?

  5. Hi Jill, Yes poor Molly - as they say, it’s a dog’s life!! Keith and Nicki live aboard nb Badger Sett and are travelling very, very slowly around the system - north at the present but apparently down south next year. Say hello if you see them - a lovely couple!