Saturday, 10 August 2013

Nearly there!

10 minuets to 7 ready to leave Westport Lake on Thursday morning ...
… and the sun striking the water as we round the corner
Arriving at Etruria and the top lock of the Stoke flight at 8 ...
… where a notice warns boaters to close the side hatches!!
Heading towards Stoke station ...
The tower of Stoke Parish Church where my mum and dad got wed in 1946
Rock and Roll Lady on the Whelden Road stretch of canal in Stoke
Had lots of good time in the Plume of Feathers at Barlaston with family

Towpath maintenance as we approach ...

… the Meaford Flight of locks where things started to get a bit busier!
Coming into Stone now ...
Just after 1pm waiting for the lock at what I refer to as the Stone’s Ginger boat yard - a certain boat is in the building behind the boat ...
George sets Star Lock for me ...
… and we quickly moor up and walk back up to say hello to Margaret and Geoff
Leaving Stone after filling the water tank and are currently moored on a nice stretch near bridge 85 at Sandon.
Our plans have changed slightly as we were not sure when our son was collecting George from the marina and we’ve now had a phone call to say it will be on Monday so we can stay put here for today and enjoy the sunshine hopefully and a bbq with the Seyella crew, then travel to Great Haywood tomorrow (Sunday).


  1. Jill, Matilda RoseSaturday, 10 August, 2013

    Glad you're reunited - VERY early starts for you; I'll think of you whilst I'm snuggled up in my bed

    1. Hi Jill, I can relax a bit now as I’m staying on RnR in the marina while George helps our son to landscape his garden. He’ll be up early, working hard and probably bed early too for the next couple of weeks!

  2. Hi Carol, lovely to think of you so close to home. Just one thing though, mum and dad married at Fenton Parish Church, Christchurch St. Fenton. They had their wedding Reception at Fenton Town Hall and Aunty Agie brought beer across from her pub, The Manor Inn, Manor Street. Very intersting!!. Love you. xxx

    1. Well, all these years I always thought it was Stoke!! Enjoy Hayling Island - see you soon. xx