Friday, 3 February 2012

Not independent Candidates

Alan Fincher, Sickle and Chalice
has listed on his blog those candidates that have been accepted to stand for election for C&RT who are being 'backed' by associations (IWA, NABO etc) and are not therefore in my mind 'independent boaters'.
So, if you want to vote for a candidate who is not trying to promote the needs of just one group, you should cast your vote elsewhere.
Please check out the list
150 word statements cannot give all the information/knowledge that you may need to decide where to cast your vote so any extra information/knowledge about the candidates standing is extremely useful.
Thank you Alan.


  1. Allan & SheilaFriday, 03 February, 2012

    i think the steam producing factory at Chirk has something to do with the production of Cadburys Chocolate . Love your blog .Allan & Sheila from Reading ,Berkshire

    1. Thanks for that! When we were coming through Chirk tunnel both George and I said at the same time that we could smell chocolate - and now we now why!

  2. Thanks for putting these links in Carol.

    Quite a few people have asked how they work out which are "association backed" candidates, because there is obviously no requirement to state this in the 150 word election statements, and certainly many have not.

    I can't guarantee there are not others, but these are the ones where information can easily be found.