Thursday, 9 February 2012

Up the mountain ...

... well it felt like it didn't it Ann?
 Our destination ... apparently just .5 mile from the canal ... probably as the crow flies!
 ... but what views we saw ...
 Ann and George taking it slowly
 ... or Crow Castle as the English apparently say!
 The board gives information on what you may see on the way and the various ways you can approach the castle
 You can see for miles and miles and miles
 Up one hill and down again, then up the next one
Ann and I will take the zig-zag route, George and Geoff take the more direct route
 Slate hills ...
 A very imposing house down in the valley - I'm sure that someone will be able to tell me what it is!
 I think we're halfway there ...
 ... you can certainly see which way the prevalent wind blows!
 Telford's Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Williamson's Viaduct
 Me taking photo's of ...
 ... them taking photo's of us!
 Trevor far below
The working life of Dinas Bran was just 17 years before it was burned and abandoned in 1277
 The remaining ...
 ... walls are ...
 ... are amazing!
 On our way back down now ... looks cosy down there
 I'm really not sure what this bird is!
Ann and I took the easy way down, George and Geoff took the wrong long way!
A glorious afternoon albeit very cold but well worth the effort!


  1. Carol

    I love reading (looking at) your blog!! I came to it from nbNoProblem and it is (nearly) becoming my first choice of reading (looknig at). Even my wife was lost for words with these photos!!! Beautiful!


  2. I'm glad you managed to do this walk, it's one of my favourite, we stayed in Llangollen in Nov 2010 and had very similar weather, with glorious views. Caroline

  3. I think the imposing house is Dinbren Hall, here is their website.

    1. Thanks for that Roger, it looks a beautiful place!

  4. Thank you for posting such a informative blog, I have spent the last hour or so reading it and was drawn into the life you lead.
    I hopefully will be joining you once the ice has thawed a little, in my tiny 26ft spriner style boat Wychcraft, hopefully my first cruise will take me up the shropie to whitchurch wher i shall be working for a few months,then hopefully down to Kenilworth,but that is all in the lap of the gods.

    Clive NB Wychcraft

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Clive - good luck with your first cruise!

  5. Enjoyed this post, love the wooden pot, as you said...very tactile!