Wednesday, 15 February 2012

All gone!

 Apart from passing hire boats - 3 out of 4 creating far too much wash ...
 ... the canal in front and behind us is empty now.
SeyellaMoore 2 Life and Jandai have left this morning.  Chas (M2L) is concerned about lack of fuel and has set off hot footed to Prees Branch, Geoff (Seyella) was going as far as the Monty today to see what's what there and Jan and Dai on Jandai mentioned yesterday that they were off to Ellesmere.  We've not quite decided what to do yet ... shall we or shan't we do the Monty?
The sun over the field opposite at 20 past 4 ... beautiful!


  1. Yes! Go down the Monty. There aren't any shops there, but moor at the Queens Head (or below Astn No.1 lock which is quieter) and there's buses every 20 mins into Oswestry in one direction, and Shrewsbury in the other. Bus Depot in Oswestry is slap bang in the middle of an Aldi and a Morrisons, with loads of other shops, incl Sainsburys). The Monty is well worth a visit. Regards Sue. NB Beefur

    1. Thanks Sue, this morning we've decided to do the Monty! Thanks for the info re the busses etc., we may very well take a ride to Oswestry as we've never been there before.

  2. Yes, do it, not to be missed !