Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wet culverts and deep water ...

 Unlike last Saturday when we came this way the culverts are flowing once again ...
 We've taken a walk up to the locks for a recee.  It's very windy today gusting up to 40mph and getting off our mooring opposite the water point will not be easy!
 In 1921 Cressy carried coal for the boilers at Peate's Mill in Maesbury Marsh
 This would have been the area opposite the plaque where the dry dock would have been.
 You can see here how low this pound was when we came down, today it's a good 18" deeper!
Rock n Roll and an Anglo Welsh hire boat moored in the Weston Arm.  Yesterday the couple on the hire boat were in front of us all the way from Maesbury Marsh and very kindly emptied and opened all the 5 locks for us once they had passed through.
After a slow but uneventful short journey (apart from those gusts of wind) from our mooring we've arrived at the top of Frankton Locks and this is where we'll sit out the rain and wind until tomorrow when the forecast has promise of summer spring with temperature at about 16 degrees - can't wait!

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