Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nearly in Wales ...

10 minutes to 8 this morning ...
 ... through the galley window ...
 ... this is a great mooring ...
 RnR' is ready to go as soon as George has finished helping Geoff cut that wood, you may just be able to see Jandai mooring up in the distance
The owner of New Martin Lock Cottage was very friendly as we went up the lock ...
 ... and another boat is ready to come down.
 Some very pretty houses round here ...
... I think that this may be Bryngwila Lodge.
 I'm waiting by another nicely located house at Belmont Bridge (16) for RnR to come along ...
 ... across the canal there are lots of toy/miniature dogs in the field with chickens!
Here comes my ride
 Narrowboat 'No Worries' ... this is the life!
 Lion Quays public house with amazing pontoon moorings for it's boating visitors - exceptional!
 A Canal Boat hire craft in a hurry!
The Poacher's Pocket pub
I hope BW have used Welsh slate for the canal edging - looks good!
 Coooo ... Chirk Aqueduct in the distance ...
 I wonder what sort of industry produces all that steam?
 We've arrived at our mooring for tonight just before Monks Bridge (21) and Moore2Life has just pulled in too ...
 ... followed by Seyella. Lunch eaten and feet up for an hour and it's time for a walk ...
... he's got his feet foot up too!
 What a strange tree ... and if you enlarge (click on) the picture you'll be able to see what it says on that plaque!
 Next door is the old post office
 Another tantalising glimpse of the aqueduct ...
 15:45 and the lowering sun gilds the arches of Chirk Aqueduct ...
 Very impressive isn't it?
 Long shadows and golden trees ...
 ... and a train too!
 Looking down the valley ...
 ... and the Afon Ceiriog below ...
 ... and we're in Wales at last!
 Chirk Tunnel ...
 ... and we ventured a little way inside ... but the k9's were not impressed!
... statue?
 Looking back
 Interesting stuff
 George RnR, Geoff Seyella, Chas and Ann Moore2Life ...
 ... and those shadows again ...
 ... and back into England!
Sky high.
Tomorrow we will cross the aqueduct and pass through the tunnel by water instead of on foot.
The temperature is going to fall like a stone tonight (-7 in towns, probably -9 here in the open) and this sort of temperature is supposed to continue until Monday when it should raise again above freezing ... so we'll have to see if we get iced in.  Still it is winter after all!


  1. I find only inexperienced boaters need a girly button or sissy switch (bow thrusters to you)

    1. How rude! Each to their own I say.

  2. I think you will find the factory produces the Conti- board panels. As you leave Chirk tunnel you can usualy see piles of wood chippings ready to end up as the panels.
    Many an experienced boater would have at some time been glad of a bow thruster but annon probably only boats in good weather so has no need for one.

  3. the factory is Chirk wood panel production plant, there is also a cadbury chocolate factory next door, the smells of the glue and chocolate combine to make a horrible smell! Caroline

    1. Thank you Caroline, you confirm Les' comments above about the wood panel production and you know what ... when we were coming through Chirk Tunnel we both said that we could smell chocolate!

  4. Thank you both ... for your support too! xx