Thursday, 22 August 2013

A fun day in Liverpool

First of all … yesterday’s accomplishment in the garden …
…the middle of the three steps/seating areas has been measured in height and angle, placed and set in concrete, this will give the levels for the first and third areas … a good job done!

Now back to our Liverpool visit ... 21st July and out for the day on my own ...
… yesterday I saw the customs men of old in Salthouse Dock and there was a lot of noise from canon shells!
Today as I walk there are pirates everywhere … could that be Captain Black?
The pirate ship in Albert Dock
Don’t they look just magnificent with the Graces behind!
Albert Dock … do the pirates know that the customs men are approaching from the right?
It was good fun for all ages
The tremendous ‘booms’ of yesterday came from the tiny yellow canon ...
… a young boy very interested in the gunpowder used in the cannon
Walking towards the Pier Head and the Three Graces.
Someone told me the other day that the Liver Building is going to be demolished and apartments built, but perhaps it’s going to be converted to flats - anyone know?
Inside the reception area of the very modern Museum of Liverpool ...
… and looking down from the balcony into the Transports of Liverpool displays.
Walking back towards the Maritime Museum I stop to look at the War memorial outside the Cunard Building.  It commemorates those employees who died during the two world ward and reads 'Pro Patria’, which when I looked it up on the net, most of the information referred to an Italian football club, but on the Wikipedia Cunard site translates as ‘for one’s country'.
A walk along the Liverpool’s Pier Head and the Ferry Across The Mersey

A couple of pictures across ...

… that famous river - listen to the link here

More about that cruise in another posting!

There was a display of owls on the water-front ...

This one looked very sad, everyone was touching him and he never moved a muscle.

Beautiful birds, but I felt quite sorry for them … I think I would prefer them to be free.
After visiting the Maritime Museum which I thoroughly enjoyed I walked back towards the docks ...
… and the battle was in full swing … the canon noise was ear-splitting!

To round off a lovely day …

George and I, and Molly too, went for a lovely meal at Red Hot World Buffet - well worth a visit!

And the long way home afterwards ...

… watching the sun set over the Wirral - truly magnificent!

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