Thursday, 1 August 2013

An interesting cruise through Barton-upon-Irwell

 Leaving our mooring at Boothstown just after 8 this morning ...
 … and passing Worsley Lighthouse just after 9.
 Barton Swing Bridge next and we have to wait for a boat to come through.  As we were crossing a chap stuck his head out of a building on the bridge to say that we’d timed it right … another two minutes and we’d have had to stop as he was about to swing the bridge to allow a dredger to pass!
Barton Swing Aqueduct is a Grade II listed building and is the first and only swing aqueduct in the world!
 I looked back to the platform swinging across the canal to enable the operator to get to the other side.  We pulled over as soon as we were across and I went with my trusty camera up onto the walkway to watch the operation.
 The operator has crossed the platform to the control building and is operating the gates to close the trough at both ends, he’s turning a handle (much like we would with a windlass) ...
 … and the aqueduct starts to move  ….
 … over the Manchester Ship Canal ...
 … and it’s now in the open position
The operative has now gone to Barton Road Bridge will not start to swing the bridge until the last minute ...
 Two narrowboats are now waiting on the other side of the aqueduct
 A drip tray under the end of the open aqueduct!
 The Road Bridge starts to swing ...

 … an amazing sight! ...
 … nearly there ...
 Barton Road Bridge and Barton Swing Aqueduct are now both in the open position
 The lovely spire of Christ Church Patricroft as I wait for the dredger ...
 … and here she comes ...
 It’s the Sospan-Dau (click for info and current location)
 … and there she goes along the Manchester Ship Canal - very exciting as we’ve never seen this before!
 The smell was like baking bread as we passed Kellogs but not so pleasant a moment later as we passed  the Biffa site!
 When we came this way on our journey into Liverpool two police motor cyclists were tearing along the towpath and up the steps over the Kellogs Arm bridge!
 Arriving at Waters Meeting - it’s left for Manchester and right for us ...
St Ann's Church at Stretford from the Bridgewater Canal.
11:45 and we’re moored for the night at Sale to meet up with long-time friends Sandy and Mick for an Italian meal at Oca in the square to the right of the picture above - looking forward to that!


  1. Hi Carol

    We're at the Preston Brook end of the Bridgewater Canal and pointed in your direction. We're due a visit from River Canal Rescue this morning to sort out a problem on our boat and we'll hopefully be underway by lunchtime. Where are you planning to moor later and we'll keep an eye out for you.

    Keith & Nicky
    (Badger Sett)

  2. Hi both, we’re heading today to Little Bollington (Dunham Massey) for the weekend - hope to see you there!