Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Life through the window ...

These were taken through the windows whilst we were moored at Shalford Meadow Guildford
 The cows sheltering from the heat just by the bow of Rock n Roll
 ... they seem friendly enough ....
 ... taken from the galley hatch as they dash past - they actually jump like young lambs do!
 Is this rowing or skulling?
 definitely rowing - but not much!
 having a great time!
 not sure who is panicking the most here!
 the cows seem to come to the river side at the same time each afternoon ...
 ... just look at the length of that tongue!
 ... I could have touched this one through the hatch.
 this is how you should propel a canoe ...
 ... on your marks ... get ready ...
in the torrential rain of Monday 30th May - the first rain we've seen for at least 6 weeks.
The pictures below are taken from our mooring at Weybridge after completing our cruise of that lovely river - more to follow!
view from Weybridge 24-hour visitor moorings
 ... and a great crested grebe showing off
 practice time with coxswain and support craft with loud speaker
... and of course the ones that need feeding - a lovely family!
Just a small selection of what goes on!


  1. They were sculling, rowing is where each person has one long oar.

    As I recall my "Three Men in a Boat" the boat club types on the Thames got quite wound up by the distinction, a bit like some narrow boaters when people call there craft barges.

  2. Hi both
    Sorry to hear about Molly, I hope she mends OK. Some people should be kept on leads, not just their dogs! Must have spoiled what looks like a very enjoyable few days. Anyway, keep well, and give Molly a cuddle from us.

  3. Thanks for that Roger I am never very sure which is which!

  4. Hi Mags and Geoff
    Molly's wound is healing well thanks, she's still on antibiotics though, we had to take to another vet as we'd moved from Guildford and the wound had started to weep again (rather smelly too). I've given her an extra cuddle from you both!

  5. Carol,

    I have been trying for ages to post a comment on your blog.. can't do it!

    "Gawd Carol that is so horrible.. You need to report that incident to the police. That is a dangerous dog for sure, and shouldn't be allowed to be off the lead.
    I hope she is OK now.. Poor Molly.
    FYI your blog feed is not working properly, I came to your website from there and discovered quite a few blogs I had not seen on the newsreader. I have been wondering why you hadn't been blogging along the Wey, but I see you have now!"

    That was the comment.. I have no idea why it isn't working though

    Sue xx

  6. Hi Sue,
    Sorry to hear that you've had a problem putting comments on my blog - I am getting them from other bloggers so I'm not sure what the problem is.
    As you will see from my reply to Geoff's comment, Molly is getting better every day. Thanks for your concern.
    Happy Cruising!