Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunbury - a quick posting

We've had to stop for a couple of hours at Sunbury-on-Thames to collect a prescription
George had checked where the health centre was - approx 1 mile away and off we went over the bridge where the footpath went in entirely the wrong direction! We walked back to the lock and asked the operator who said that to get to Sunbury we'd have to walk about 3 miles to Walton to get to the bridge that would take us to the road, but advised us to pick up the boat and go past the lock to the town moorings about quarter mile away.
When we got to the moorings there were a male and female mallard sitting and they moved as we approached - leaving this egg behind - as has been said before - they've not got a lot of parenting skills.
Thought that Maffi would like this one - it could be the start of most of our problems! (elf n s afety)

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