Monday, 30 May 2011

Godalming to Guildford

Thursday 27th May time to move back to Guildford in plenty of time to get a good mooring for the long weekend ahead.
We reversed the quarter mile back to the water point where NB Iona has her mooring - she is a horse drawn trip boat.
 Rock n Roll at Godalming Sanitary Station Water Point - I'm waiting for George to return after his shopping trip for distilled water (Halfords) and BBQ charcoal (ever hopeful for sunshine)
 It's windy today as I wait for George to open the other gate at Catteshall Lock - that's him walking down the main road!
 ... couldn't disappoint you Sue! but they are quite nice!
 ... here comes that bridge again ...
 ... the camera is on the roof and my head is nearly on my knees - there's not much room for error!
 I'm so glad we didn't meet this beast at the last bridge!
More nice conservation techniques by the National Trust using the woven willow to brace the river banks ...
 ... and here we are - the exact spot we picked out when we passed through here a few days ago ...
... a lovely space on Shalford Water Meadow.
 ... it's a busy stretch of the River Wey being right next to the Guildford Rowing Club and with the lovely weather over the Bank Holiday weekend there have been lots of walkers and families out and about too - including yours truly and hubby.


  1. Very nice pix again. I once lived for a short time near Shalford, in Albury. Very pretty stuff and NT woodlands around. Never made it to the river though - more's the pity, it seems.

  2. Look like you really enjoyed the Wey Navigations - great pics too.

    Passing you coming out of New Haw lock was all too short - 20secs? - to talk about Axioms. Now had mine for a month and I just love it! It does everything it claims to do and more - just learning to steer in reverse. Now running a fuel consumption test over a few engine hours - should be interesting. Hoping to meet up with No Problem later when they do the Wey again this year. Have fun. Ray on The Wey on NB Stronghold.

  3. Nice to have met you, albeit briefly! I have one criticism of the axiom; to maintain the same speed as the old prop, I have to increase the revs, for example, to travel at 1000rpm on the old prop, I would need just over 1100 revs on the axiom. This means that my overall fuel consumption must be higher, however, I seem to be using less fuel, which may indicate that the axiom gives less resistance to water than the standard prop so the engine doesn't labour........complicated isn't it!!? Hope to bump into you again, we will be on the Thames for a month and then the Kennet & Avon from 4th July. Carol & George Rock n Roll