Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Knightsbridge - a posh place!
From Paddington, Knightsbridge is just a walk through Hyde Park, passing ...
... the statue of Archilles just before ...
Speakers Corner, Hyde Park and opposite ...
 Wellingtons Arch.
Very near here is Aspley House (Apsley House); apparently, so I'm told, it's address is 1, London; no street name or post code!
 ... to these lovely buildings in Knightsbridge.
 Dolce Cabana ...
 ... and traffic on the starting grid!
 Gucci ... and the doorman (bouncer?) ...
 ... and Louis Vuitton.
 A lovely hidden courtyard ...
 ... how much????
 Harvey Nichs ...
 ... and Burberry.
 George made a mental note to cross the road here!  Up 'till now we've not set foot in a shop (we've got Molly (dog) with us)
 Took these pictures whilst George was in that shop.  This is Harrods ...
 You can imagine the noise of three quadbikes roaring up the street.
 Beautiful architecture everywhere.
 Looking back down Knightsbridge again towards Harrods.
George eventually came out of Bang and Olafson and we set off back to Paddington.
 This is the Church of St John in Hyde Park Crescent ... which isn't really there at all, because ...
... it's moved!


  1. Hullo Guys,
    Did you go and join the throng on Friday or did you watch it on TV? Great pictures as always and I think you are moored in Paddington Basin, exactly where we were two years ago, right under a footbridge. We hope you have as great a journey up Thames from Limehouse as we did coming down stream, we presume that is what you intend.

    One query, what kind of batteries do you use as our replacement lead acid ones have failed in under two years, much of that time we have been plugged into shoreline, it has been recommeded that we buy AGM at approx £100 more per battery, any comments would be gratefully received

    Love Mac & Jac

  2. Hi both,
    I understand that George has already replied to you re the batteries so we'll take that as read!
    No we didn't join the throng for 'the' wedding it was such a hot day so I spent a very pleasant few hours catching up with the ironing and watching the events unfold on the telly! It was a lovely wedding! George spent the day shopping!!
    We arrived at Limehouse Basin an hour or so ago and will go through the barrier and back on Saturday and to Teddington on Sunday - I have to admit I'm nervous about the trips especially with the gusting winds we've had lately. Watch this space!!
    So glad you're out and about on the cut again - stay well and happy cruising.