Friday, 6 May 2011

From one basin to another ...

We left Paddington Basin Tuesday 3rd setting off along the Regent Canal; final destination Limehouse Basin.
Just one boat left in Little Venice now as we go for water before leaving the area
There's a queue at the water point under the bridge so we've pulled alongside the waterside cafe to use the (secret) tap just under the bridge.
Molly is curled up fast asleep in her bed, nose tucked in, in the sunshine but sheltered from the wind! It certainly is a 'dogs life'.
Cormorants and terns on Little Venice Island in the pool
All topped up with water we head under bridge no. 1 Regent Canal
A family outing
Madia Hill Tunnel undergoing some maintenance
I adore these beautiful buildings ...
... so elegant.
Maintenance workers having a 'meeting' at Bridge 5 - called Blow Up Bridge
Gift wrapped - could it be a surprise for me?  Hardly!!
Lots going on on the Regent Canal
Elegant bridge with lovely iron pillars ...
... made in Ironbridge.
London Zoo - an Egret ...
... and Red Kites in Lord Snowdon's Aviary.
Hampstead Road Lock ...
... at Camden Market.
St Pancras Cruising Club's base
 Our mooring for the night at Islington - not brilliant, but ok...
 ... we had a quiet night (surprisingly for the look of the area) and woke to another fine day - that's No Problem moored behind us.
 A Canada Goose in the reflection of the buildings opposite.
 Into the 960 yard Islington Tunnel ...
 ... with No Problem following us.
 Wharf Road Bridge ...
 ... a good mixture of old trade and new buildings ...
 ... very pleasant indeed!
 Lots of work and renovations going on - you can clearly see all the underpinning that has had to be done to prevent the buildings from toppling into the canal...
 ... and on the other side of the canal too ...
... in fact it's all over the place - it will be interesting to return in a year or so to see the finished results.
A reflection of Shoreditch!
I wonder what/who launches itself from that ramp - perhaps it's the guy wearing the hard hat on the right?
What's all this about - looks interesting ....
 I like the message on the yellow doors - i - am - here.  Perhaps reminding those in power that it's the ordinary people who put them there - so listen up!
Sue and Vic on No Problem are now in the lead.
 Canary Wharf  - nearly there now.
 Out through Commercial Road Lock and into Limehouse Basin
 No Problem goes directly to the water point as we moor on the 'wall'
We then swap over - No Problem is now on that 'wall' saving our space whilst we take on water.
Not long now till Saturday's trip out through the Thames Barrier and back and the weather is set to change quite dramatically - let's hope the forecast is wrong.

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