Monday, 9 May 2011

What will our convoy be like?

We had watched a couple of boats leave the safety of Limehouse basin to see how the boats reacted ...
 ... this is Sophie-Jane No.2 ...
 ... out onto the tidal Thames on 5th May ... a bit of a swell there?
 ... and Coldwater Mountain (Neil Diamond) leaving ...
... a bit more of a swell on the 6th  I think ...
... competent Lock Keeper Jeremy in charge.
We wondered what it will be like for us on Saturday.


  1. hi really like your photo . were did you moor up monday nigth i think we are in front of you ay Hampton court

  2. Hi Go For It, yes, we are behind you!

  3. Realy enjoyed your photo's around London, I'm waiting for the big adventure, go for it!!!!!!

  4. Patience Garry - won't be long now!