Saturday, 10 November 2012

Blue skies ...

The carved/scarred landscape between Grendon and Polesworth looks set to become some sort of motocross or mountain bike track

Polesworth Abbey, a Scheduled Ancient Monument built in the 9th century as Benedictine nunnery.  Archaeologists have recently discovered ancient treasures here ...

... for images inside this historic building click here

Lots of interesting boats seen today ...

National Historic Ship Greyhound built at Yarwood in 1926 and after restoration in Gdansk, is looking good.

FMC steam boat Monarch built in 1908 has a very interesting past.  Like Canal Cuttings we also saw this lovely boat last in May this year at Gailey with butty Grimsby

Canoes too!

 Under the M42 bridge ...

... a good message

The ruins of Alvecote Benedictine Priory  founded in 1159, surrendered at dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII in 1536 

 Working boats AustraliaKangaroo 

... and Tench built in 1936 are all moored at Alvecote Marina

We had a great cruise today with lovely blue skies and the occasional ray of sunshine too!

Just 2 locks today at Glascote
Crossing the aqueduct over the River Tame as we approach Fazeley Junction.

Currently moored on the visitor moorings at Fazeley where we saw fellow bloggers Beefur just to wave to and also found a very useful Tesco Express a few minutes walk from the junction and also a Cantonese Take-a-way - so now I know what we're eating tonight!


  1. Carol - I didn't thank you for your kind comments about the Thames Cruising ( website so 'thank you so much - it really helps when people take the time to comment on your work'.

  2. Hello and nice to run into you! Thanks for the link. If you're going up Birmingham & Fazeley way, the Dog & Doublet is a great place for a Tesco delivery. I'm sure you know about Ventura Retail Park. Oh, and there's a new co-op just before Fradley, go left at new road bridge onto industrial estate. Happy cruising. Sue & Dave NB Beefur

    1. Sorry we didn't have the opportunity to speak! Thanks for the information - most useful. Hope to see you both again in the not too distant future.

  3. Hope you enjoyed the Chinkie takeaway and that the weather holds with you.

    1. Thanks Iaian, the chinese was very tasty but far too much - we'll be eating it again today - and maybe tomorrow as well! Hope things are well with you and that the house is progressing.

  4. Hello. My husband and I are friends of the Boatwif crew - the inspiration for the composting loo on nb Valerie! I have been reading with interest about your decision to go with a composting toilet - how are you getting on with it? We are having a boat built soon (we hope to be on the cut next May - there may even be a blog in due course!) and we too, have opted for a composting toilet.

    What a wonderful few days you have had for cruising. We will look out for you when we are afloat - in the meantime if you ever come down Tardebigge and want a hand - we are willing workers who live just a few minutes away. There has been a bit of activity there recently ahead of the planned closures I would think.


  5. Hi Jennie, I'm so glad you talked Les and Jaq down the composting loo road - ours is fully installed now and we're getting used to it - it's working well. We've had the tank taken out today and it's been throwing down with rain - the place was nearly a mud bath! But we're tidy now though, just got everything to put back into it's place!