Saturday, 24 November 2012

Boat in the mist

It was good to meet up with Geoff again yesterday afternoon at Great Haywood on his journey to Mercia Marina to make a winter home mooring for Mags to recuperate.

We spent a lovely evening with Geoff and Simon who travelled up to Stone from London where he lives aboard his boat on the River Lee.  Simon enjoyed his day out doing ‘real’ boating on a ‘real’ canal - good to meet you Simon.

 Half eight this morning and Seyella appears out of the mist …

 Oh no, I’ve only just got out of bed - I don’t think I want to see that picture!

… and away they go into the mist heading for Rugeley to drop Simon off for his train back to London and to collect Ray who has offered to help Geoff today on his way to Fradley Junction.

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