Sunday, 4 November 2012

A delay in our plans

We left Rugby on Friday hoping to be able to instal the composting toilet on Saturday - but the best laid plans and all that ...

 ... caught in the headlight on one of the two aqueducts ...

... through Newbury Tunnel - I do love this one ...

 ... we even saw some blue sky too  ...

 ... looking back at All Oaks Wood where we pulled in to moor.

Unfortunately, due to pressure of work (turning round hire boats etc) Rose Narrowboats were unable to pump-out our tank on Saturday, they are also closed on Sunday - so Monday it is!  So watch this space.

Our thoughts tomorrow are with Mags who is off to hospital for tests and we hope that she is given the all clear after her 'episode' yesterday.  Good luck Mags.


  1. They are very lucky to have sufficient pressure of work in November to turn away a cash customer.

  2. There are actually 30 lamps in 'Newbold' Tunnel. 10 sets of three. I imagine it looks fantastic when they are all working. The effect is that the towpath in the left of your picture, is illuminated in white light by the mixture of the three different colours. It seems there are only 5 working currently. Maybe a call to the local council would be in order. I will be there in a few days and check out the AWCB (aren't we clever board)I think the phone number is on there. I will give them a call.