Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Three then two ...

 Last night get-together on Seyella ... a lovely evening ...
 ... and Geoff asking Mags to dance this morning!
 Two lovely people, we shall miss them but look forward to seeing them again in late May
Moore 2 Life and ourselves set off for the water point at Anderton leaving them at last night's mooring
... and they followed us down arriving just as we'd finished and were rounding the bend on our way.
It's cloudy today with not much breeze but it's a bit chilly on the stern.
 This sign makes me smile - just follow the directions and you can/ can you be sure not to miss it?
 Daffs in the wild
 Is this a new marina in the making just to the north of Billinge Green Flash?
 It appears to have just half of a bridge constructed over what may eventually be the marina entrance
click to enlarge to see more detail
 Billinge Green Flash ...
 Moore 2 Life is already moored and we pull in just behind.
 2:30 and it's time for a walk - and the sun has come out for us
little grebes, swans, canada geese, mallards and coots abound, and we saw buzzards and a spotted woodpecker too
 The scenery around us in beautiful ...
... in the warm spring sunshine.


  1. What, no Barbie?!!
    Enjoy your trip, see you soon.

    1. He did suggest one Geoff - but I'd got other ideas for dinner!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the Weaver. When we come off the Lanny I will probably make my 3rd trip down to show Jaq.

    1. I'm sure Jaq will enjoy the Weaver - so much diversity in quite a short waterway. It was great!