Monday, 26 March 2012

Up, up and away ....

Well, we certainly can't complain about lack of sunshine recently!
 Cold nights create misty mornings which the sun has burned away no problem!
After a fantastic visit to Shugborough Hall where they have no opened up the private apartments and a quiet afternoon in the sunshine we took a walk over the estate and came across this ...
... made our day!  Nearly that is ...
 The temperature drops and the sky is clear - I understand that the bright star is Andromeda ...
 ... an 'enhanced' copy of the photo below ...
... as I said 'FANTASTIC!'


  1. Have you checked out Norbury Wharf's blog? (
    That's where the ballon finished up!

    1. Thanks for the info Geoff - we were wondering where the wind would take it!

  2. Although the moon is near Andromeda at the moment, I suspect that is Jupiter in your picture with Venus hidden behind the moon.

    Was there supposed to be an image between the morning mist and the first astronomy picture?

    1. Hi Roger - thanks for that. The image you refer to is a short video of a balloon being inflated and setting off from Shugborough Estate - hope you can view it now.

  3. Allan & SheilaTuesday, 27 March, 2012

    the bright star is Venus