Friday, 2 March 2012

Another cracking day!

 At 5 minutes to 8 this morning - it's a bit chilly!
11:15 when Geoff pushed our bow out with his wash and set off ...
 ... and we soon arrived at Croxton Flash where there are warnings regarding submerged obstacles - keep clear!
 ... and here comes Ann, good to see her at the helm today

More warnings - the big problem is that because of their size you have to get so close to be able to read them, you've not got much time to avoid the obstacle!
A large tree down in this case and no, we didn't quite move over far enough and felt R n R go over it. 

When we came this way last in early September 2010 it was on this corner that we bumped into a boat coming blind round the weeds - no harm done to either boat, thank goodness!
Seyella in front of us approaching Whatcroft Hall ...

... and just around the corner here's yet another of those warnings, again it's a fallen tree - you may just be able to make it out under the water in the picture below...

... those trees look as if they might become the next obstacles across the canal.
 Oh no, not again ...

.. but fortunately both took quick action and an accident was diverted...

 ... and we let the helms lady know that there was a boat following us round the corner.
 Approaching Billinge Green Flash ...
 ... Seyella still taking the lead ...
 ... and Moore 2 Life bring up the rear ...

... what's that in the water over there?

It's another obstacle - a sunken wooden boat - there are apparently several of these in the flashes

Approaching industrial Northwich
A Brine Purification Plant 

The structures are amazing and complex

Seyella looks very small as she rounds the bend

Moore 2 Life
cruises under the skeleton of pipes and girders
 Neummann's Flashes has a road through the middle ...
 Lion Salt Works is ...

 ... in a much more dilapidated state than when we came here last ...

... the notice asks for your vote
presumably for funding but it doesn't say where from

jetting off to the sun perhaps?

Great Budworth Church in the far distance
- it looks big enough to be a cathedral!
 Hi George!
Our mooring for the weekend at Anderton near the lift - but that's a story for Monday!
It's been another lovely sunny day although the breeze has been quite chilly; apparently this good weather changes from today - I wonder what we're in for over the next few days.