Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Bramble Cutting to Anderton 5th Sept 10

The northern stretch of the Trent and Mersey I thought would be a wide(ish) canal but frequently the reeds/weeds encroached across the water and there's barely room for one boat. 
As I was taking this picture George sounded his horn as we couldn't see aroung this dense patch of weed and just then I could hear the 'thump-thump' of an old engine; I shouted to George that there was a boat coming and immediately a big old BW liveried (Blue/yellow) boat appeared (he couldn't hear the horn over the noise of his engine). We put RnR into fast reverse and he rammed into the side of the canal and we hit him with the side of our bow, fortunately no real harm done just another bit of black paint gone - it could have been worse.
the canal continued to be very narrow for quite a long way
this house is obviously being extensively remodelled ........ 
...... and this is where the builder is dumping the rubble ....
...  as if the canal isn't narrow enough naturally!
this is the house next door to the one above - beautiful.
took the picture too soon to get his legs in!
old wrecks ....
.... on Billinge Green Flash
the huge ICI works was on the skyline all the way to Anderton
a very busy scene with all the pipe bridges and moored boats at Colliery Narrowboats by bridge 189
and then this very sorry sight indeed.
Great Budworth Church in the distance
Salt works on the River Weaver opposite the Anderton Lift

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