Saturday, 11 September 2010

Daresbury to Lymm 9th Sept 10

We are really enjoying the Bridgewater Canal - so different from the Trent and Mersey up to Preston Brook.  Here the canal really opens up, is wide with clear water and you can see the fishes, broad and high bridges ........ and so peaceful
This particular crane was the first we saw at Daresbury, these are placed at strategic points along the canal so that in the event of a breach the stop plank can be dropped into position quickly - although we couldn't see how the crane would 'let go' of the plank because they are attached to the wire by a metal horseshoe shape with a bolt through the top (I'm sure it has a proper name and I'm sure/hope someone will enlighten me)
unusual buildings along the canal
there is a boat just like this that hangs around Great Haywood junction but is older, dirtier, unkempt, unlicensed, has no engine and the last time we saw it was up for sale!
the trees gave us very welcome shade from the hot sun
approaching Chester Road Bridge
Narrow boat Firefly - the original Bridgewater Licence Plate

We pulled in at Thorn Marine at Stockton Heath for a pump out. This building is still under threat of demolition (owned by Peel Holdings who own the Manchester Ship Canal) they should receive notification on the 17th September that they have 3-months to quit or yet another 6-month lease.
we walked into Stockton Heath for a gander at the MSC but there was no traffic moving under the swing bridges but miles of it actually on the bridges.  We stocked up with wine and essentials (or rather the essential wine) at Morrisons and returned to RnR
nice canalside properties at Grappenhall
a delightfully peaceful scene  ....
....and soon the not so peaceful M6
this fence led up to the M6 and the cat looked very much at home
water lilies just about to open
We arrived at Lymm late afternoon and put in the pins on the town moorings at Lymm Bridge, took a walk into the town, had a welcome drink outside the Saddlers Arms and took a delicious chinese meal back to RnR
It had been raining all night and heavy showers had been forecast for today (Friday) so in between showers we walked into Lymm for some piccies ...
look at the 150 years of wear on these steps up to the road at Lymm Bridge - what tales they could tell!
the row of cottages above the steps
..  Lymm Dam ends in the town centre
By this time the heavens had opened once again so we hurried back home, had lunch and set off once again as the weather had brightened.  We collected water from Ye Old No.3 and finally moored at Little Bollington Underbridge 26A

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