Monday, 27 September 2010

Bramble Cutting Trent and Mersey to Top Flash Middlewich Canal

As we cruised south on the Trent and Mersey canal from Bramble Cutting
 there were lots of partially submerged objects 
 these are in Croxton Flash
 where it is necessary to
 keep well within the markers.
 more weeds obscuring the view of a bend and a bridge just past Croxton Aquaduct.
 the first of the narrow locks up to Middlewich Junction
 looking back at the Anderson Hire Boats closed on Sundays
 we're now on the Middlewich Canal
 with it's lovely open countryside
 the approach to Manchester Airport taken from our mooring at bridge 22 Top Flash
I forgot to put this photo on my blog for 11th September - it's an A380 Airbus belonging to Emerates Flights. George couldn't see it's number of course, but if it was No.4 it would have been the one he'd worked on whilst out in Toulouse a few years ago. 

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