Saturday, 6 February 2010

Off with the ice and snow with the sun on our backs

Sunday 31st - Saturday 6th January 2010
Saturday - not such a good day today - foggy outside and cold, we're on our way just a short distance to Brewood where we hope to meet up with family over the weekend.
Friday - continuing south on the Staffs and Worcester we travel through the very narrow cutting just south of the M54

and looking back we turned very sharp right at Autherley Junction into the lock - this picture is taken as we are leaving the water point and the sun starts to break through the cloud - very promising! whoops - a Morrisons shopping trolley under bridge 2 - we thought that we would lift it out but couldn't get into the bank anywhere close by. We decided that even if we did manage to get it out, it would be back in again by the end of the day the ducks are taking advantage of the sunshine to preen and us feeling good travelling with the sun on our backs - loverly, loverly! coming up to Wolverhampton Boat Club (the colours and lines of this piccy are nice and crisp) we'd been watching this swan running on the water chasing a dog running on the towpath, here he is overtaking us - he obviously likes to be the front runner! we arrived at our destination for today (between bridges 7/8) at about 1:30pm and it didn't take long to set up the whirly-gig and hang my washing - there's nothing like washing dried outside in the sunshine - the first time in ........ well .... ages! no barriers on the roof as the pram hood is down and Molly enjoys the views from the front

and a couple of hours later the BBQ is lit, the wine is open and the sausages are looking good! A great end to a great day!

Monday 1st February - still at Gailey top lock
an early morning visitor - and yet more snow she was rather shy but obviously hungry and took bread eventually from my hand

Sunday 31st January - moored at Gailey top lockMolly loves to watch any programme with animals - especially County File - here she's learning about dog sledge racing!

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  1. Just caught up with your blog, I love all your pictures.
    You sure do get around!
    It was lovely to speek to you the other week, hope you are still ok and enjoying yourselves.
    Talk soon, love you both, Sandra. xxx