Friday, 15 April 2011

Good Company and Ruffled Feathers!

  Late Wednesday afternoon there was a knock at the window and when I looked up there were two cheeky faces there - Les and his grandson Jack had moored a mile or so behind us just below Slapton Lock and had discovered us on their way back from a walk.  We agreed that we'd share the locks to Marsworth together tomorrow.
 Les and grandson Jack follow R'n'R as we leave Slapton
Lovely double arches at the lock - Jack is running to help George with the gates!
A very slow boat is in front of us - even with George helping them through!
Just beyond Pittstone Wharf there's a lot going on.  It's a film crew - they're making a commercial for 02. The sound recordist recorded Georges footfalls as he crossed the lock - so look out for the new advert and see if you can hear him!!
We've arrived and moored up at Marston Junction - the swans are ready for anything just now!
Took this through a very small gap in the galley hatch - a good picture even if I do say so myself!
He really did not like this interloper and ruffled his feathers to show he was not happy...
... and what feathers they are - wonderful!
We (R'n'R) had chosen to moor on the left bank as the towpath there is not often used by walkers and we can let Molly off the boat without a lead; we had invited Les and Jack to join us for a BBQ which was enjoyed by all of us.  As Jack said "You can't beat a good sausage!"
The problem was the pound (water between two locks) was fast emptying!  By the time we'd eaten we were sitting in the silt; if we'd had a bit more time we could have blacked her bottom!! While George went up the locks to let some water down to re-float us Les helped me across the canal to moor where there the bottom (of the canal) was not so close to the top!
Just before 8am this morning the water level is once again down - by a good 15"
I hope this Heron doesn't dive in - he would get a very bent beak if he does!!
There's NB Valarie a few boats behind us also tilted in the shallow water; there's no sign of life on there yet!
Tring Reservoir has plenty of water in it; when we were this way last in early November 2009 it was practically empty.
Nearly 9 o'clock now - still no sign of life on Valerie
A lovely day for cruising - we're setting off for Cowroast today and leaving Les and Jack at Marsworth - it's been great to meet up again Les and lovely to meet your grandson Jack - what a cheerful chap he is, polite, helpful, inquisitive - everything that a nearly 10 year old should be !  Look after yourselves.
Through Bullbourne and the wonderful sculptures ...
... produced by this iron foundry - always makes a good picture.
 This is what it's all about - sunshine, peaceful, good views and a good road!
We're currently moored at Cowroast and will move on tomorrow through Berkhampstead to Winkwell.


  1. Hi Carol & George.

    Yep it's great to be on the move again and thanks for your comment. We have just spent a lovely day in Leeds with Liverpool Docks as our destination for mid May.

    Great pictures as usual, particularly of the swans bottoms and hope you don't run out of water again, don't expect that on the Grand Union!

    Take care and hopefully we will bump into one another again sometime


    Mac & Jacquie

  2. Now behave R `n` Roll giving everyone the idea i sleep all day. I was up to see you off even though i`d been on the phone at 3am speaking to Jaq.
    Have a great trip and we will meet again sometime somewhere.

  3. Gorgeous photos Carol, on this and your previous post. I've never seen live swans as they are not common over here in the Pacific Northwest. The BBQ looked a wonderful event, and thank you for comparing Les and me to the swans--lovely indeed! :)

  4. Les - my apologies - see posting today (21st April)

    Jaq, thanks for your comments - I can't believe you've not seen a live swan - you have so many wonderful sights to behold when you arrive in god old Blighty! kind regards.