Monday, 4 April 2011

I've not seen one of these before ...

Left Stoke Bruerne at 9 am this morning and shared the locks with NB Phoebe
 The water was very high in the pounds (between the locks) and in some places was over the towpath
 Picking up water below bottom lock - that's NB Lactodorum (no, it doesn't mean toast in Latin) over there owned by Jules and Richard who operate the fuel boat hereabouts.
 Excess water overflowing the bottom gates
 Damn ..... just missed it!
 There he is .. a Little Egret
 I've not seen one of those before!!
 Grafton Regis Church and village
 Thrupp Marina looks nearly full
 Solomon's Bridge at Cosgrove
 It has been a really windy day today and getting round the corner past moored boats to enter and leave the lock at Cosgrove was not easy!
 Great Ouse Aquaduct - a quick snap and look away - I hate heights!!
 Nice house with mooring ...
 ... for a small boat!
 Touching up the paintwork on that wall.
This is the first time we've seen Gifford Park visitor mooring with only one boat.
We arrived safely at the 48-hour moorings at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes and will stay in this area now for a couple of days.

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