Sunday, 3 April 2011

Misty Mornings, Clear days, Fab Sunsets ... and a Blackbird!

Mooring in Brauston for a few days ...
 The Marina from the bridge looks peaceful today 24th March
 NB Rock n Roll was built in the wet dock just to the right of centre - mixed memories recalled.
 Walking up the locks - Bottom Lock top gates.
 We crossed over the top lock and walked back into Braunston along the lane ...
 ... with the locks now on our left.
I'd finished washing all the curtains which were dry by the time we returned to the boat where Ann and Charles waited for us for a cuppa!  I'd intended to iron and put them back up but as with all best laid plans ... the iron went kaput - so they were hung rather crumpled!! 
We had agreed to accompany M2L into Rugby tomorrow but changed our minds as it was George's birthday on Saturday 26th and we'd promised ourselves a steak each from the Boat House pub; I'd also found and ordered an iron from Tesco Direct but couldn't collect it until Monday pm, so we decided that we'd catch up with the Lifers sometime on Sunday.
 A cold damp morning as we set off on Sunday; we'd been into the marina for a pump out and turned around to head now for Rugby - these anglers were not happy - the fish were though - evading their bait!
 All Saints Church Spire as we pass by.
 The old stable blocks and wharf buildings at Tarry's Bridge (74) are now private residences.
Ann and Molly were at Hillmorton Locks to help us through and hitched a ride back to the their mooring space at Clifton near the Golf Course where we stayed the night. 
 05:50 - very misty - hope it clears - continuing on to Rugby today...
 07:20 and the sun is starting to peep out ...
 08:00 - that looks more promising ...
...and Butterbur in the mist! 
 Iron collected, we wind (turn) and head back to Brauston - Moore 2 Life following us through bridge 78
 Bridge 83 - very elegant indeed! ...
... just look how it was built - amazing! 
A fabulous sunset as we put in the pins for the night at Willoughby.
 Monday 29th - an early start - a very pastoral scene at 9am as I walk the mile or so into Braunston Village.
 I'm sitting waiting for George at the water point by the toll house and see NB Hey Jude pass by with its new owner and Ray on board.  Hey Jude was fitted out by the same company that did RnR and is a very lovely boat (like ours is).  Ray helped out to finish the fitting of RnR when the company ceased trading. It was good to have seen both the boat and Ray again after such a long time.
 Still waiting for RnR to arrive when I see this lovely creature - he's very interested in my camera ...
 ... not at all shy; each time I depress the camera button it makes a little beep and when fully depressed to take the photo it sounds like a film winding on - and on hearing these noises he came closer .. to listen!
 ... and closer again ....
 .... to listen more! - a delightfully chappy!
Oh well, here comes George now (excuse washing drying in the front hatch!) Time to get to work again.
After lunch Moore 2 Life and Rock n Roll will set off to Norton Junction.

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