Sunday, 3 April 2011

A bad road with some surprises!

Sharing Braunson wide locks ...
 ... with Ann and Charles on Moore 2 Life
 In Lock 3 looking up at the Admiral Nelson pub
 Approaching Brauston Tunnel - 2042 yards (or 1.16022 miles) ...
 ... and in we go.  An uneventful passage through in just 20 minutes - surprisingly no boats coming the other way today. 
 We moored for the night at Norton Junction and we're ready to rock n roll early on April 1st. Charles looks on as George says his cheerio's to Ann at Buckby Top Lock; we leave them here, they're travelling north on the Leicester Arm to Crick - great seeing you both again - see you soon - happy cruising!
 Looking back at lock 10; the water is at least 30" low - you can see the outfall on the left-hand wall..
 Rock n Roll is sitting on the canal bed ...
 ... and I'm not going anywhere!
 Still sitting still - George has gone back up the locks to open the sluice gates to let some water down to lift me off the canal bottom.
 Safely in lock 11 you can see that the water is still very low.
 We've moored up by the Garden Centre just above Whilton Marina as I need some Violas and Rosemary for my pots.  A couple of boats have now gone up that lock and pound (water between 2 locks) so passage is now easier for this narrowboat dutch barge which we eventually share the last 2 locks with.
 Loads of boaters gold here - and new trees already planted to replace them.
 I think it was at bridge 25 or 26 where it's impossible to see what's coming under the bridge - a walker let us know that there was a boat coming through and the boaters told us that there was a working boat following - could it be the fuel boat we wonder?  
 It was indeed! J & M Canal Carrying Company with Jules and Richard.  Such a coincidence, it was only about 10 minutes before that we'd been talking about hoping to meet them in the next few days for gas and diesel - and here they are! Keep up the good work!
 A lovely old bridge - number 43 ...
... and bridge 43A - obviously much newer but has nice lines ...
 ... and is next to its sister bridge - for the railway.
 Approaching Blisworth and what a surprise - who's that we see?
 Why, it's Les - still got that huge smile on his face - and who can blame him - Hi Les!
 I love this building! 
 Hawthorn blossom (or Mayflower) Time to 'cast a clout' as the saying goes? I don't think I'll be putting away all my winter clothes just yet? 
(Since at least the early 15th century 'clout' has been used variously to mean 'a fragment of cloth, or clothing')
 Nearly at journey's end for today as we approach Blisworth Tunnel - this one is 3057 yards or 1.73693 miles!
 and surprise, surprise we still didn't meet anyone coming the other way!
We are currently moored just beyond the southern portal of Blisworth Tunnel at Stoke Bruerne and will stay here for the weekend.

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