Wednesday, 17 February 2010

41 years married!

Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th February 2010
15th February 1969 - Our Wedding Day
wouldn't change a thing!

We moved a few hundred yards down to the bottom of the steps to the Boat Inn to await the Tesco man and once all stored away moved another few yards to the other side of bridge 14 to wait for our son Mark to collect us and we enjoyed a very pleasant anniversary.

Tuesday - woke up to a very bright sunny day to move a little further down the Shroppie
(I'm not at all keen on last nights mooring in the cutting below bridge 14 - it's so dark and no telly picture!)
we moored once again between bridges 8 and 7
and decided to take a long walk
turning right over bridge 7
across the field where this great tit was singing at the top of his voice.
This walk is a very short section of The Monarch's Way which is the 615 mile long excape route of Charles 11 after the battle of Worcester in 1651.
perhaps he could have hid in here - there is plenty of room!
wild snowdrops growing in the hedge - I love these signs of spring so much
the view of Brewood before we turned right towards back towards the canal
and Avenue Bridge (10)
Molly wants to know why we've stopped
the path continues from the bridge, but we're returning to the towpath here
Molly want to see what's going on over there (her meercat pose)
back down a very muddy towpath - nearly there - there's Rock n Roll in the distance
5:30 and BBQ no.2 of 2010 is doing nicely
a pretty sunset (that's smoke from the BBQ in the bottom left)

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