Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A visit to Cadbury World

 A night time picture of the Cadbury Factory, through one of the lower windows we could see robotic arms lifting and moving items.
 Geoff and Mags decided to give the Cadbury visit a miss.  Seyella and Rock n Roll are currently travelling together.  We use different wi-fi for connection to the internet (Geoff uses 3 and I use T-Mobile), Geoff can usually get a decent signal but sometimes (feels more like 'often' just lately though) I don't!  So I'm on a 'catch-up' with my postings ... and to help me I'll refer you to Seyella's postings as we have taken pretty much the same photo's along the way (hope you don't mind Geoff!)
Bourneville buildings from the early 1900 - that's the baths in the middle ... 
 ... and the wall plaque on the building on the right.
Lodge No.1 - a very pretty building built in 1899 as part of a suite of office for directors of the then newly formed Cadbury Brothers Limited Company.  Prior to that date the business was run as a partnership between brothers George and Richard Cadbury and their original offices are situation behind Lodge No.1 and were built in 1880. 
 Bournville Green
A chocolate lake??
The reasoning behind the name - 'Bourne' for the brook and 'ville ' because anything French was fashionable!
 Displays on the tour
The first factory was in Crooked Lane
(An actor playing)  John Cadbury as we wait for the tour to begin
 the original Cadbury's chocolate bar
 Chocolate and coffee
 Even in those days suppliers were extolling how much better 'their' products were over others! 
 A display of Cadbury's products of the past
 A child's delight - and adults too!
 Here comes a delivery of - chocolate crumb?
 An iconic name 
 I just love ...
 ... these old ...
 ... pictures ...
 ... and posters - beautiful! 
A 10' tall half bald scottish ballarina in reception!!
On the whole I felt that Cadbury World is primarily targeted at children; I expected there to be at least one area dedicated to the history of the Cadbury family and its business, but there wasn't.  We spent some time in the shop though and bought guess what - chocolate of course which we shared with Mags and Geoff on our return to Seyella where a lovely lunch was waiting for us. Pulling the pins this afternoon!


  1. What annoyed me was the lack of viewing the production lines when i visited 2/3yrs back.
    They also then gave you a ticket to the staff shop located t`other side of the factory but i believe they have stopped this perk.

  2. Yes Les, Cadbury's are not making the most of the opportunities there. On the day we went a notice stated that the packing department was open to view but all we could see through one window was a robotic arm moving a few boxes from one place to another. There is now a large shop by reception selling all sorts of chocolate at a good discount and lots of other things that were quite expensive! On the whole I thought that for adults (without children in tow) the experience was not worth the entry fee.
    PS: Glad you're back safely and hope it's not too long before Jaqueline joins you on Valerie.
    Regards Carol