Sunday, 13 March 2011

Church of St Laurence, Rowington, Warwickshire

The first view of this lovely church taken from the lane leading from the canal.
I saw my first of the spring 'wild' primroses in the grass here
The old stained glass widow
Unfortunately we could not access the inside - I'm sure these colours are wonderful!
The cenotaph in the church yard
a nice picture - taken from the gate
Inquisitive sheep as we walk back to the boats - you can just see them in the top left of this photo.

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  1. Hi George & Carol,

    See from your blog you have been moored at Rowington. It is a lovely spot - we've used it several times.

    Last time wasn't the best of times. Don't know whether we told you, but about half way up Hatton in September 2008 I (Ian) sprained my ankle very badly and we moored there for a couple of days whilst deciding which was the 'easiest' way back to Gayton. We eventually decided that as I wouldn't be able to help with the locks for quite a while we would use narrow locks and go back via Fazeley, Hawkesbury etc. By the time we got back to wide locks at Braunston I was able to help again.

    As you didn't comment on Knowle locks I think BW must have done some work there. Pat found the gates very very heavy and although the bywashes were running the pounds were very shallow and I had problems steering.

    I enjoyed 'Windlass in my Belt' as well.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Ian & Pat. (via e-mail)