Monday, 7 March 2011

Knowle Locks

Whiling away the days at the moment -can't beat it!!
Beautiful sunshine today and we reversed the quarter mile or so to the water point at the bottom of the locks
The old narrow locks can be seen here running parallel to the newer (1930's) double ones
Winter gate repairs - I thought these would have been painted?
George with Molly waiting for the tank to fill
The old single bottom lock...
... and some very old prettily painted panels rotting slowly on the far bank.
We've had problems with the batteries over the last week or so and when tested George found that two of them had cells down (flat - as the proverbial pancake that is), so Nick who fitted the engine and associate parts is going to meet us here on Wednesday afternoon with 4 new batteries which will be great!
Hatton Locks are still on schedule for opening on Friday and we will then continue our journey south to Braunston where Geoff and Mags on Seyella will turn north to Liverpool and we'll continue towards London.

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