Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Onwards to 'Glastonbury' I mean bridge 19 on the Stratford on Avon Canal

Seyella and Rock n Roll are currently travelling together.  We use different wi-fi for connection to the internet (Geoff uses 3 and I use T-Mobile), Geoff can usually get a decent signal but sometimes (feels more like 'often' just lately though) I don't!  So I'm on a 'catch-up' with my postings ... and to help me I'll refer you to Seyella's postings as we have taken pretty much the same photo's along the way (hope you don't mind Geoff!)
For details of this cruise check here - thanks Geoff.
Seyella sets off from Bournville Visitor Moorings first
 mmmmmmmmmm....nice hair!!!
 An atmospheric picture as the sun tries to break through
 a host of ..... lovely snowdrops
 Canada Geese ...
 ... and a squirrel! 
Approaching bridge 19; it's getting dark and we need somewhere to put the pins in soon ...
... Gladstonbury would be proud of this mud - but it'll do for tonight.

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  1. Nice site guys! I might see you around sometime - in the meantime take a look at this for a laugh

    Pete W NB Meg Merrilies