Saturday, 6 July 2013


 Thursday morning ready to leave our mooring at the C&RT office in Wigan
 Looking back from the first of 3 locks today - the C&RT office is the last building on the right of the canal
 Henhurst Bottom Lock 87 has very leaky top gates!
 I loved this scene - the juxtaposition of building styles and types - the houses were so pretty - and look there’s Georg on the run to be at the bridge so that he can get back onboard!
 He’s back on and I have a bit of a wobble as I can’t decide - is it left or is it right here?
 Left it is!  Past the famous Wigan Pier ...
 … and the disused building with another a covered wharf ...
 … and lovely ornamental brackets.
Bored rigid?
George scoots back and forth over the lock bridge to open and close sluices and gates
 A peek inside the big white building to the side of ...
... Pagefield Lock 88 - the DW Stadium home to Wigan Athletic Football Club and Wigan Warriors (rugby)
 Yet another broken lock gate strut caused by boaters who don’t slow down and stop before hitting the gate ...
 Ell Meadow Lock 89 has these strange metal poles apparently to stop the top gates from opening on their own!
 Ducks des-res!
Our mooring at Crooke - lovely! Off for a walk now ...
 What sort of place is called ‘Baby Elephant’ - an Indian restaurant, of course!
 The Keepers Cottage - very much extended - but no lock!
 A lock, a canal, the motorway (M6) and in the distance the railway!
Dean Lock 90 - I am assuming that the boats in the old lock entrance are on permanent moorings or perhaps just permanently moored! Wouldn’t do for us though - that waterfall and the M6 would drive me mental!
 A hen party having a good time just after 8 last night and when they came back a couple of hours later they were having an even greater time!
The last of the sunset at just after 10 - a perfect end to a perfect day - long may the sunshine continue says I!


  1. Hello again, lovely photos as usual. We spent an hour sitting by the lock at Stone, the one by the pub of course, yesterday lunch time. The sun shining and Molly asleep under the bench, and half of lager in hand, and thinking of you. XXXX