Friday, 5 July 2013

A visit to Canal & River Trust, Wigan

We left our lovely mooring at Pennington Flashes on Wednesday, a bright, sunny morning stopping first to fill the water tank and read the information board regarding our query about the lack of marina here at Plank Lane ...
... it clearly states that a 40 berth Marina has recently been constructed - can’t see them here!
 Through Plank Lane Lift Bridge
 First foxgloves I’ve seen this year
 The wind is chilly and Molly tucks her nose in!
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is so wide!
 Passing pools, lakes and flashes all the way
 Approaching the Dover Lock Inn, but no signs of such a lock as far as I could see!
 They were making a hell of a din on Ince Moss!
 Whoops!  Spoke too soon - this is a corner round which you don’t want to meet another boat!
A glimpse of Scotmans Flash through the trees ...
 … and through the square window - a patch of blue sky!
 This way children!
 Tower of All Saints Church in the distance
 Pearson’s Flash
 Waiting for George to set Poolstock Bottom Lock ...
 … where a boater has obviously crashed into the gate at speed and broken one of the struts meant to prevent catching your bow fender between beam and the top of the gate as the boat descends
 Bottom gates are operated via a chain mechanism
Wigan's All Saints Church from the lock
 Wigan Junction is not very impressive at all … to the right is the 21 Wigan Locks - no thanks!
 We go to our left where we use the services ...
… and descend Henhurst Lock under the distiguished canal bridge 
… and pull over onto the secure 48-hour visitor mooring at the rear of the Canal & River Trust’s Wigan offices where we popped inside to say hello and collect the paperwork for our journey into Liverpool.


  1. Dover locks used to be two and you can just see remains. One of them is immediately north of the bridge and pub. The other is close by.

    Subsidence has changed the canal level dramatically in places. As a result, these locks were replaced by the two just before Wigan. Or so I understand!