Sunday, 30 June 2013

Getting the mojo back!

We’re currently moored near Pennington Flash Country Park where we're whiling away time as we’re not booked into Liverpool docks until the 12th July so we’ve been enjoying the weather (mostly), the views, the walks and the wildlife.

Views across the towpath ...
… down to the flashes ...
… up at the sky - looks like rain ...
… and back towards Rock n Roll ...
… as we go walking ...

 … and back to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal ...
 … a lovely family of ducks - aint he cute?
 A sculpture made from lock gates ...
 … they must be at least 16’ high - not from a canal lock then!
 The gate paddles which allow the water to enter and leave the lock are still intact
 We’ve seen some lovely sunsets
Lupins - one of my favourite flowers - I just love the salty smell of them!
 Messing about in boats - isn’t that just great!

During the winter and the wet, cold spring and the arduous journey on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal Rock n Roll has become grimy from the weather and tree sap - so ...
 George has been washing, t-cutting and polishing ...
 … just look at that depth of shine!
NB Rock n Roll has its mojo back!


  1. Hi George and Carol - just a quick hello from us - looks as though you've been having some really interesting times up there, love the photos.
    I understand we have a mutual boating friend - John. He e mailed us but got Carol's name wrong so we didn't know who he meant straight away, we've cleared that up with him now!

    Hope you are both well.
    Kind regards
    Ali and Baz (nb Micky Jay)

  2. Hi, love the lock gates and that sunset is gorgeous! And Rock and Roll looks so shiny!!xxx