Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Same old, same old, but different!

We spent a few very pleasant days at Diggle relaxing …

… walking and having a meal at the Diggle Hotel where we received a phone call from long-time friends Sandra and Ian.  They fancied a few days away in their caravan somewhere so rang us to see where we were!  They’ll be with us on Friday afternoon - brilliant!

We spend a lovely few hours catching up with all our news at the Diggle Hotel on the Friday and met up again Saturday morning - nice to have a ‘crew’ for the 1½ mile and 11 lock cruise from the summit level of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal to Uppermill.

Ian ‘putting his back' into the lock gear

The narrowboat you can see in the lock below set off from Diggle over an hour before we did - and you’ll never guess what - they’re stuck - no water in that pound again.  Once again we’re waiting for C&RT to come and sort things out.

Exactly the same as the last time we came through!

Just descended Cast Iron Lock (29W) and waiting in the lock entry under Alice Footbridge waiting for the ‘troops’ to arrive and taking the opportunity to have some lunch.

An hour later we have help. CRT have started to let water down from the summit (about ⅓ mile away) via the by-washes which take excess water from pounds (water between locks) round the locks down lock flights, but it’s taking a long, long, time to reach us

Managed to scrape RnR’s bottom across the shallow pound now and into the next lock

We need to keep 2 locks behind the boat in front so we wait again ...

… ok, ready to go again

10 past 2 and I’m through - the pound behind me is actually filling up now, we’ve been told that the water levels below here are all good - we shall see!
Same old, same old - the difference being we had good company on the journey and good weather too!

Half an hour later and we’re through the next 4 locks (it’s surprising how quickly locks can be done when theres water in the canal!) We’ve arrived at the sanitary station where we get rid of all the accumulated rubbish.

Dungebooth Lock (22W) under the towering railway viaduct - this is the last one today

Sandra and I wait for George and Ian to return with the car and a meal from the best Chinese take-a-way we’ve ever tasted.  We went with them to their caravan a mile or so away and enjoyed their company greatly.  Thanks both for coming to find us this weekend - let’s not leave it so long till next time!
I have to share this with you - this is Sandra’s grand-daughter - I think she has great talent performing, creating and editing this video - click below and enjoy!

Sunday was spent quietly at Uppermill watching the wildlife - the Goose Family crossed the busy car park and road each morning and returned late afternoon …

… and the rabbit which looks like an escaped domestic pet …

… had great fun chasing the ducks on the canal side!

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