Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lock free!

 We continue our cruise from Castlefield Basin Manchester passing the railway arches on the Bridgwater Canal ...
… and ...
… the ...
… towering buildings
We waved to the commuters but they didn’t wave back!
Pomona Lock leads down to the Manchester Ship Canal ...
… which runs close by the canal
A collage on the side of this building ...
 … appears to be all about travelling.
 I could see this building in the distance over Pomona Lock ...
 … it’s the ‘other’ football club!
 The only other boat we’ve seen moving all day!
 A wall of containers ...
 … and the Kellogs Factory ...
 … as we reach Waters Meeting - left continues towards Sale and Preston Brook, we continue under the bridge on our right
 The Police were travelling at a fair lick on the bumpy towpath - it looked very uncomfortable especially going up those steps in the left of the picture - I wonder what the urgency was.
 Marsh Irises - a lovely sight on the waters edge
 Trafford Park - but no stopping to shop today!
 A pretty red gazebo on the left, then an unloved house (looks ready for demolishing) and Barton Swing Bridge straight ahead.
 Looking east there’s no big ships in sight ...
 … but using the zoom shows MV Arklow Field
 Looking west from the swing bridge is the Valve house from which the bridges are controlled
 Good to see the canal used for transporting goods/equipment
 Window covers - not a particularly good sign of the times at Worsley Canal Club
 Worsely, where the water has turned orange due to iron deposits.  The Packet House is facing me - a grade II listed building dating back to 1760.  The building on the right fascinates me but I can’t find anything out about it.
Just a couple of miles further on we moored here near Boothstown.
It’s been quite a long day 6.5 hours and we were glad to put our feet up and relax - a really good day!

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