Saturday, 15 June 2013

A little bit of excitement on a quiet day

 After the incident  on Wednesday when the local bobby came to see us he initially advised us to ‘move on’ but we decided that we would stay here because of the foul weather forecast and we didn’t want to stay longer than necessary in Ashton under Lyne.  He then informed us to keep away from Ashton on Saturday as the EDL were holding an unofficial demonstration in the town (although the police had been informed that it had been cancelled) and there could be some trouble. So the decision has been made - we move on Sunday.
The depth of water at our mooring at Grove Road is much deeper than we’ve experienced elsewhere; our mooring lines are slack to allow for the rise and fall of the level as boats come through the locks. We’ve been here now for 7 nights and on some days have even had 2 boats come past but mostly there’s been none!
We felt Rock n Roll gently fall at 2:30 this afternoon and looked out to see this boat sitting in the entrance of the lock while the top gates were closed; lots of people standing around ...
… this young man is pulling on a rope - perhaps this boat is towing a boat that’s broken down.
Rock n Roll drops down further as another lock-full of water is sent down to raise up the other boat
They’re tethered together and come towards us ...
… and we realise what’s going on - By Water Hotel Boats
Not much room under bridge 96 for motor boat Karala ...
… and butty Karna Taka.

So we move off tomorrow - the weather forecast is promising for the next week - sunny intervals but no rain - let’s hope it keeps its promise! We will moor on the Peak Forrest Canal tomorrow night and go down the Ashton Flight of Locks into Manchester on Monday.

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