Monday, 22 July 2013

All about Alice!

(Still catching up with the blog)
It’s Alice’s 13th birthday tomorrow (14th July) and she’s so excited!
There they are!  Grand, Alice and Joanne - we’ve two more beautiful grand-daughters too and we mustn’t forget tour two handsome grandsons either!
The Birthday Girl!
Wish-list for today?  A day’s shopping of course and out for a meal this evening
It doesn’t take long for a couple of teenagers to spend a few quid at Primark - here’s Joanne sending me a picture of what she intends to buy whilst I wait outside the fitting rooms!
All ready to go out to Red Hot World Buffet - perfect!
Shadow dancing ...
… as we walk off all that delicious food - to the Liverpool Eye …
… and back to admire the view from the stern of Rock n Roll ...

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