Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lymm to Little Bollington & Dunham Massey National Trust Property

From the water point it was only about quarter mile to great moorings at Little Bollington Underpass
houses right on the water - I wonder if they're damp?
seen a few widebeams on this canal
The weather forecast is showers again today, so we've stayed here today.
Good internet and TV signals here at Little Bollington - hence the catch-up on the blog - I hope that 3 in one day is not too much to bear/read.
We walked down the steps from the canal to the underpass
and walked across the bridge over the fast flowing weir at Bollington Mill
we hadn't realised that this National Trust Property was so close!
the mill wheel housed here provided the energy to drive band and rip saws, drills and other carpentry equipment
the deer roam free in the park
I learned that you can tell the approximate age of a deer by the number of points on his antlers - that would make this one about 7-years old
different types of deer
and this one probably 8-years old
A rough/tongue in cheek tour of Dunham Massey Hall

the easily maintained back garden 
 ....and on the first floor .....
 ....... the sitting room - was once the dining room but was too far from the kitchen!
a study area
the bedroom wing
one of the smaller bedrooms
bathroom - could do with a bit of an update
the essential WC - no on-suite here
... and below stairs ....
.... a country style kitchen
the laundry/drying room - for those rainy days
a sewing or hobby room
and in the garage a ??? George didn't manage to get a look at this and doesn't recognise it from the photo - any ideas anyone?
and in the shade - oh that's George and Molly waiting for me after my house tour.
As we walked back to the canal just before the underpass there is a fruit and veg stall.  The notice says 'Take what you want (fruit and veg) and leave what you want' (money in the box). I purchased a few tomatoes, enough runner beans for dinner, 3 beetroot and 2 cooking apples and for our evening meal we've had pork chops and buttery mash with the beans and beetroot - extra delicious because it was cooked by himself!
What a great day.

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  1. Hi the car at Dunham Massey looks like a Morris 10-4 tourer probably a 1933 or 1934 model. Very nice car and quite rare.