Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sale in Cheshire (NOT Greater Manchester)

These happy chappies went past us at our mooring last evening with their boom boxes belting out music, they were obviously having a good time.  
This morning however, we passed them on our way to Sale and they were so quiet - the morning after the night before perhaps, or time to return the boat marking the end of a good holiday?
This morning's mist.  We upped sticks at about 9:30; we're off to Sale to meet some old friends who we don't manage to see often at all.  George and Mick were in the RAF together at Waddington when our children were very small; they lived opposite us.
the Victorian Linotype Factory dated 1897 where metal printing type was manufactured
Trafford Rowing Club is just here and there are lots of rowers out today - in one-man boats
futuristic flats overlooking the canal
and team boats
the towpath is very popular too - walkers, joggers, families with young children on bikes etc
Autumn leaves starting to litter the canal
Sale Cruising Club Ferry - is attached by a rope on the off-side bank and the ferryman uses his pole just once to propel him across the canal
he collects his passengers
and pulls on the rope for the return journey
Sandi and Mick - we reminisced about when we were young and getting older too.  One Friday evening (pay day) there was a knock on our front door and when I opened it it was Mick asking if George was coming out to play as Sandi had given him just enough money for one pint - I went in and told George that there was someone at the door asking if he was going out to play - after taking a pint's worth of money off they went! 
We had Sunday lunch here - it's an Italian Restaurant next to the canal and the food was delicious - we're coming back this way in a couple of weeks and will meet up with them again - can't wait!

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