Friday, 24 September 2010

Boothshall Basin to Abram

The forecast for 14th September was rain later - and boy did it rain!!
We'd been glad previously that the high bridges on the Bridgewater Canal allowed us to travel with the pram hood up, but the rain was so bad that we had to also fasten on the flat cover we used to use before we had the hood - and even then, because the rain was coming straight down the boat, George had to put on his waterproof trousers as well in an attempt to stay dry.  I went inside with Molly - as George always says - there's no need for both of us to get soaked - and I was certainly not going to argue with him that day!!
nearly at the end of the Bridgewater, here approaching Leigh and some fine old buildings.
The photo's are not brilliant because the rain was slatting down from top right to bottom left of them
I couldn't find out what this building is but on the return journey I noticed the words 'Lee Spin..' on this one so perhaps it was a textile manufacturer.
the ferocity of the rain is quite clear in this picture.
Just around the corner was Leigh Bridge under which the canal reverts to the ownership of British Waterways - and what a difference - we were immediately met by a low bridge, had to pull in and put the hood down in the pouring rain, continued through the bridge and pulled up for lunch on the other side.  By the time we'd eaten the rain had stopped and the sun was putting in a very shy appearance. .
We eventually put in the pins at Pennington Flash just before Common Bridge 9 and stayed for 2 nights.
A colleague of George's (before he retired of course) came to see us on RnR as he lives a few minutes from here. It was nice to meet him - he very kindly offered to take me shopping the following day which was gratefully accepted as the store cupboard was looking rather sorry for itself. 

Thursday 16th we upped sticks and set off once again - we cruised on to Plank Lane Lift Bridge where we found that a handcuff key was required for access to water and of course ours was nowhere to be found, so were pleased to see that a boat was already moored there and filling up; we shall have to buy another one at the first opportunity and put it somewhere safe (perhaps that's where the other one is!).

NB Kingfisher (Barbridge) has been abandoned in the winding hole (turning point for boats) just past the lift bridge ...
... and judging by the vegetation inside, has been there for some time.
This is the first time I've managed to get a photo of a Jay.
We moored up for the night at just before Dover Bridge 4.

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